APP-based SENSE – SHINE – THRIVE Wellness Program

Our detailed habit-based lifestyle coaching program is a self-guided 17-week program rooted in the psychology of change and habit building. We help you identify your goals and through the MyCoach app we guide you through the basics of sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management and equilibrium. Once you have become more comfortable with these basics we start to deal with many of the challenges and benefits of making sustainable change including setting up for success, tackling topics such as resilience, motivation. We then explore the science of habit building, the importance of investing in your wellness, dig deeper into nourishment and the all important topic of energy to help you SHINE. Finally, we move through THRIVE, where we guide you through power of managing your time, the benefits of tuning into your own happiness, the need to replenish your energy, what it means to inspire and to be inspired, the critical role played by identifying and honouring your values and finally, we explore the countless advantages of learning to exercise empathy towards yourself and others. Together SENSE – SHINE – THRIVE combine to provide a holistic guide to developing wellness goals, building the processes that are vital to achieving those goals and learning tools to overcome barriers and challenges while at the same time maximizing your strengths and values. In addition to all of this fascinating and helpful information you get accountability, feedback, advice, videos and coach.

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I can’t say enough good things about the Inspira SENSE program! It breaks down all the wellness “noise” out there into a simple and scientifically based program that is easy to put into action. Each week encourages you to make small changes, things you have likely wanted to try but didn’t know how. You pick what works for you and your goals! I have not only developed new habits (or replaced old ones) that I will continue to build on, but I have learned effective strategies on how to make small changes that have big impact! I feel healthier and more in control of my health journey. Thank you Anne for creating such an amazing program!

Anne M.